Eagerly Wait For The Savior

When you wake up in the morning you should say: “Oh Lord, I don’t know whether you will come today. Therefore, every good thing I ought to do, every good …

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Self…Not God’s Will

Each time a child of God acquires things through self-will and self-effort, such may hold on those things, but with confusion, bitterness and hurt. Such acquired things usually bring regret; …

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Walking With God

God’s secret for greatness and perfection is to walk with Him. To walk with Him means to patiently follow Him at His pace. This walk with Him must be habitual, …

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Tests and Trials

The Lord arranges wilderness experiences to test and try the depths of our faith. Being a child of His does not exempt us from them. These tests are used by …

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Becoming Like Jesus in Speech

Discipleship is a tool God uses to shape men to be like Him. In fact one of the indications that a man is becoming like Jesus is his speech. The …

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Don’t Be Ruled By The Flesh

  Christian credibility is lost when our behavior reveals that we are controlled by sinful desires rather than the Holy Spirit in our day to day lives. We cannot expect …

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Trust Him

People have always asked the question ‘why’ when faced with situations beyond their comprehension. Their question is significant and legitimate because it reflects the fact that nothing happens to us …

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Knowledge Of The Measure Of His Power In You

Dec 15, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

The world system says knowledge is power. Meaning when you are aware of a thing, it is near impossible to be overcome by it. With this knowledge, one can influence …

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In Times Like These, Be Always Ready

Nov 12, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

Jesus teaching the multitude on one particular occasion made some declarations that troubled His Disciples. These teachings were strange and markedly different from what they were taught by the teachers …

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Call Me ”FATHER”

Oct 29, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

Who is Jesus to you? Remember He is fully God! He is One with the Father and the Spirit. He is the express image of the invisible God: “In the beginning …

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Beware Of The Glitterati Of The World

Oct 12, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

A songwriter wrote: “Busy serving the Lord, busy praying for all men. Busy sweeping the floor in the house of the Lord. Busy singing and dancing, prophesying for all men. But …

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Consider That Call Again

Sep 13, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

I was in a prayer meeting a while back and the Sister that led the worship was incredible. Her voice, the songs, and passion were ethereal. In fact, one would …

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How Is Your Walk With The Lord

Jul 27, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

I was exchanging pleasantries with a sister I had not seen for quite a while; and she asked me, ‘how is your walk with the Lord?’ I replied, ‘I bless …

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The Law Of Use

Jul 6, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

An associate stated recently that prayers do not work as they should in his life anymore! I was taken aback and it set me thinking. If prayers do not work …

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Take A Stand

Jun 15, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

In the Bible, we saw king Balak of Moab doing everything he can to get Prophet Balaam to curse the people of God (Israel). Balaam declared, how could he curse …

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It’s Not True, Look Up

May 21, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

Someone asked recently, are the things happening around the world and in the Body of Christ not strange? Not really! They were foretold long ago. In fact, based on the …

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The Way To The Success You Desire Is Jesus

Apr 21, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

We live in a very materialistic world that equates a man’s worth with what he has or has the ability to have. Life incidentally is much more than all of …

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