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There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, yet is not washed from its filth” (Proverbs 30:12). A young sister in a Youth Fellowship discovered that a particular brother had not been attending Bible Studies for awhile, decided to visit the absentee brother in his home. Without informing her unit head or Pastor(s), she went ahead to visit the absentee brother alone. At her visit, the brother was glad. One thing led to the other, and the absentee brother overpowered her and raped her! There was so much outrage! Everyone wanted to crucify the brother (rightly too)! Everyone praised the sister for caring and castigated the brother for being an animal. The verdict was he had no excuse for doing what he had done! The sister was absolved of all blame and encouraged not to relent in her love and care for the brethren. Many of us reading the above may feel something is not quite right with the above story and the way it was resolved! Sadly, that is the reality of our present world. A generation that refuses to look at the root of a problem but seek to ameliorate the problem will always have the same problem! Because root cause of the problem was not dealt with, once the conditions are right, the problem will arise again, and sometimes with more devastating consequences.         Parents expose their children (babies, toddlers, teenagers) indecently physically and electronically, they then turn around to wonder why their children are being targeted by pedophiles! This generation has made an art of displaying the things they ought not to, and then become “shocked” when things don’t go as planned. The sad part of this debacle is sons of God participating in this ‘show’. For instance, we sometimes act as if God Almighty has suspended His judgments, or He has taken a leave of absence. If not, how do we explain a child of God praying or worshiping God (maybe in a secluded place) takes a selfie or ask someone else to take the picture of their intense features in the “attitude of worship”; such then goes ahead to post the pictures online for all to see?! The question that readily comes to mind is, ‘To what end’? How does that glorify your Father in Heaven? What do you hope to achieve by that act? Do you want people to see how devoted you are? Is it an accolade of some sort you are pursuing? We had forgotten that the Bible says: “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of people to be seen by them. Otherwise, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven” (Matthew 6:1).         The Pharisees were accused of being hypocrites and Jesus warned His disciples not to be like them. Sadly, for this generation, Hypocrisy has become an art form – a virtue of some sort! Some have even taken on astrology ignorantly and are led on a daily basis by what the astrologers tell them!

Beloved, no matter how we wish to argue or excuse these acts, what is not of God cannot be glamorized and made for Him to approve! The Bible warned us so as not to get hoodwinked by the wolves with sweet and sly tongues: “Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God [which He has laid] stands [sure and unshaken despite attacks], bearing this seal: ‘The Lord knows those who are his’ and, ‘Let everyone who names the name of the Lord stand apart from wickedness and withdraw from wrongdoing’” (2Timothy 2:19, AMP).         Beloved, God’s Word is TRUTH and is Eternal! Every fad will fade away but His Word will remain forever. As a child of God, in order to live a life that is pleasing to Him, we must be led by the Holy Spirit and not by the spirit that is at work in the world (Ephesians 2:1-10, please read). We were created for good works in Christ Jesus which God Himself prepared before time began! Please, do an assessment of your life right now: the life you live and your attitude/character are they in line with what God prepared for you to do and walk in? No one is disputing your sincerity as a child of God, but by whose leading are you doing the things you do? You may declare you are just having fun! It will be tragic if we think we can rewrite God’s Word to suit ourselves because of the times. Have your fun beloved, but don’t contravene the Word of God! “Every Word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Don’t add to His words, or He will rebuke you, and you will be proved a liar” (Proverbs 30:5-6). In all humility, may the Lord help us to look again at these issues in our lives and readdress them as we await His Soon Coming, in Jesus Christ name! God bless you!

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