Consider That Call Again

Sep 13, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

I was in a prayer meeting a while back and the Sister that led the worship was incredible. Her voice, the songs, and passion were ethereal. In fact, one would …

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How Is Your Walk With The Lord

Jul 27, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

I was exchanging pleasantries with a sister I had not seen for quite a while; and she asked me, ‘how is your walk with the Lord?’ I replied, ‘I bless …

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The Law Of Use

Jul 6, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

An associate stated recently that prayers do not work as they should in his life anymore! I was taken aback and it set me thinking. If prayers do not work …

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It’s Not True, Look Up

May 21, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

Someone asked recently, are the things happening around the world and in the Body of Christ not strange? Not really! They were foretold long ago. In fact, based on the …

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The Way To The Success You Desire Is Jesus

Apr 21, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

We live in a very materialistic world that equates a man’s worth with what he has or has the ability to have. Life incidentally is much more than all of …

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Truth, Whose Truth?

Mar 11, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

We live in a time where things are not usually as it seems. Things that were held sacred are now being questioned and discarded. Morality and decency has become a …

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I Am Your Reward

Feb 8, 2021 No Comments ›› admin

Sometimes I wonder what our responses will be if God tells us individually, ‘I will not give you houses, lands, and all other possessions, rather I will be your possession!’ …

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Time to Know Christ And Him Crucified!

Dec 12, 2020 No Comments ›› admin

At a point in his ministry, Apostle Paul was in Athens where his spirit was vexed and provoked because of the numerous idols the people of the city worshiped (Acts …

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A Lie Exposed!

Nov 20, 2020 No Comments ›› admin

One of the greatest tricks the enemy ever pulled was to deceive man into thinking he does not really need God in certain aspects of his life. He started this …

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Who Dictates Your Move?

Oct 29, 2020 No Comments ›› admin

There was another famine in the land, in addition to the one that occurred in Abraham’s time. And Isaac went to Abimelech king of the Philistines. The Lord appeared to …

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